Sands Pleine
Sands Pleine is a topological band.
The two founders of Cairn Desk Composition Front occasionally come together to perform as Sands Pleine. The stand-in/fictional identity Sands Pleine is target/proxy for automatic, irrational compositional decision making.
Performance environments have included:
Clarinet / feedbackloop / guitar / subwoofer, separately thrucomposed production pieces, text-to-speech beatbox through timbral modulation, granular sampling of entire hi-def pop compositions, dub-systems with MC, stacking of prepackaged sample-libraries... always with a keen sensitivity toward sporadic, un-trustworthy content sources, and a generally hands-off attitude.
Kirume [CAIRN003] two short pieces, study of composition as journalism.

Secrets Never Dance - recording project for cassette. via Banh Mi Verlag.

A very old performance at Apothecary (Asheville, NC) December 1, 2012.