call for critical proposals: Journal of Composition

submissions deadline: November 15, 2016

The Cairn Desk Composition Front seeks proposal submissions for an upcoming journal of composition. Works can be theoretical writing, fixed media or graphical composition, critical review, graphical essay, critical sound piece, audio essay... we believe format (i.e. medium) is practically indestinguishable from content, composition, or product at this point, so really anything goes. This is a historical/periodical documentation of a decentralized and marginal conversation that is rather new and exciting.

We see a crucial trend amongst disparate composers and music curators that is our focal point and impetus for this project. We have observed an individualized interest in music-systems formerly held captive in traditional academic circles. We have seen a general loss of interest in the commodification of recorded audio formats since the proliferation of internet piracy. This project is by no means an attempt to confront or celebrate this trend, but to explore this nu sensibility.

The Journal's format is not yet decided, and is fully dependent on the sorts of content we receive. We hope for this to be the first issue of a serial publication.

Email any and everything to
we look forward to it.